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Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

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Style & Substance: On the conclusion of the sports season

My son recently finished up his soccer season as a senior, and is almost inconsolable – his team lost in the final round and of course, this is not the glorious end of season he anticipated.

Style and Substance: On spousal roles in retirement

My question is about different spousal views of retirement.

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Style and Substance: Use your words!

Twice this week I have heard someone say, ‘use your words’. I always think of it as a sarcastic remark, but does it actually have some value?

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Style and Substance: On having children

My wife and I are in our early 30s and have been married for 2 years.

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Scene in Plattsburgh - Style & Substance


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Style and Substance: In the heat of the argument

I have a few friends that take up the whole conversation when we go out together, when I talk with them on the phone, or am out running errands.

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Style and Substance: Trapped in ‘college behavior’

I live with my girlfriend and a female roommate. We are all around 23 years old, have graduated from college, and have jobs.

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Style and Substance: Helping aging parents

I find myself in a common situation. My parents are 88 and 89. They live on their own and are quite content; however, in the past six months I have noticed they are having difficulty with some day-to-day tasks.

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Style and Substance: In the heat of the argument

My mate and I are vicious fighters when a problem arises

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Style and Substance: My son is nearing the age to begin dating

I can see that my son is getting to the stage where he will want to begin dating. Do you have some advice on how to set some guidelines to avoid some of the difficulties of this rite of passage?

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Style and Substance: Work is consuming my life!

Work is taking over my life. When I talk with friends or colleagues they seem to be feeling the same way.

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Style and Substance: The lost art of social courtesy

creative life coaching solutions

What has happened to the art of social courtesy?

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Our life coaches, Style and Substance: On questioning your life

Do you ever really look in the mirror and wonder who you are, how you got to this point in life, and where you are going?


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