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Ready to meet a new family | Elmore SPCA

Rumer and Sampson

More road time | Conservation Conversations

Yes, this is another addition to the road trip series, presenting you with places to go and see, and things to do.

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Style & Substance: Raising daughters into young women

I attended your last winter series talk and loved the question you asked about what qualities the women felt were important to instill in raising daughters and young women today.

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An adoptable dog and cat | Elmore SPCA

Malachi and Jasper

Editorial insightful

Thank you for shining the spotlight on the Affordable Care Act in your recent Veiwpoint column (Not so affordable health care, March 1).

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Style & Substance: Spring is a time for new beginnings

With spring being just around the corner I have decided that this is the perfect time for new beginnings.

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An adoptable kitten and puppy | Elmore SPCA

Here is Homefry, an adoptable kitten from Elmore SPCA.

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New York’s sporting connections | Notes from the North Woods

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently unveiled over four dozen new outdoor access projects that are intended to connect hunters, anglers, bird watchers and other outdoor enthusiasts to an additional 380,000 acres of untapped and underutilized State lands across New York.

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Bug eyed for stream bugs | Conservation Conversations

Five of Trout Unlimited’s Lake Champlain Chapter members, myself included, donated our time to help pass down the magic of fly fishing and fly tying to a young generation of 4H students this past Saturday at the Cooperative Extension building in Westport NY.

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Style & Substance: on annoying neighbors, work habits

I have had the strangest related incidents happen recently and am at a loss as to how to politely deal with them.

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Meet your new family | Elmore SPCA

Skippy and Eggo

Road tripping once again! | Conservation Conversations

If following the white lines of the freeway is your style, then check out the following programs!

Fire tower power | Notes from the North Woods

I saw the headline from a distance, and I rushed to grab a copy of the newspaper.

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Amazing women | Scene in Plattsburgh Style & Substance

You don’t have to look far in Plattsburgh to find amazing women, taking on business and performing an on-going balancing act with family, work and well-being.

Loving homes needed | Elmore SPCA

Stefani & Tiger Lily