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In camp and on the river | Notes from the North Woods

Every now and then, in the Adirondacks the stars, and the moon and the sky line up in just the perfect manner to provide a perfect end to a perfect day.

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Road trip adventures | Conservation Conversations

The fly fishing competitions are over for this spring, the bass and pike fishing is underway and the summer sun is making the corn, beans, hay crop and pastures grow!

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USA Regional Fly Fishing Competition | Conservation Conversations

Irene may have torn up Essex County roads and some of the rivers, but even after all the flooding and destruction, the West Branch of the Ausable is still a haven for fly fishing.

Style & Substance: on forgiveness and not grudge-holding

I seem to have a family that never says they are sorry, or if I say I am sorry for something, they like to hold a grudge.

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Ready to go home! | Elmore SPCA

Vixey and Lynx

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Who is doing what in the outdoors? | Notes from the North Woods

Across the nation, there are a wide variety of outdoor recreational options that remain available for a majority of the year as long as the weather remains fair, the beaches stay open and the rivers continue to flow.

West Branch Ausable’s Two Fly Challenge | Conservation Conversations

While I was pulling into the Mountain Brook Lodge in Wilmington, I couldn’t help noticing all the license plates from various states.

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You bet your bass the fishing is good! | Notes from the North Woods

Historically, brook trout and lake trout have been the primary spring species for anglers on most local lakes and ponds, however Fathers Day weekend has long signaled the traditional opening of Bass Season.

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Bikram Yoga | Scene in Plattsburgh Style & Substance

Have you ever sent yourself the message that you would try something new, BUT… and here you fill in the blank with anticipatory fears, doubt, or negative self-talk….and you decide not to try.

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Sweet little things | Elmore SPCA

Heidi and Gaga

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Style & Substance: On seeking wellness in your life

I have been really trying to “be well” for the past six months, but seem to be foiled regularly. What is your best way to achieve wellness?

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Bugs, Bamboo and Blistering Plants | Notes from the North Woods

That old familiar ‘Adirondack wave’ has again become a popular sight.

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Style & Substance: On not letting people take advantage

I am feeling so mad lately at “certain people” who seem to take advantage of me because I cannot seem to say no.

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Momma and Sampson | Elmore SPCA

Come adopt with us!

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Style & Substance: Looking at life’s series of choices, decisions

I have a few friends who are always saying things along the lines of, “try being me”…whether it be that they are overweight, have no money, etc.