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The survival of a native species | Notes from the North Woods

September 11 is a date that will long be remembered in the history of this country.

The circle of life

Last evening, I said to my wife, “maybe we should start a fire, it’s getting cool”.

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Style & Substance: On turning your life into your own

I am so worried about what other people think of me; the way I look, the job I have, and the way I raise my kids.

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Homes needed | Elmore SPCA

Juliette and Tyson

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New York begins its long big game season | Notes from the North Woods

It may seem far too early for hunters to be taking to the woods again, especially in light of the recent 90 degree temperatures.

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Style & Substance: On drinking

I have a friend who I think drinks too much.

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A well behaved companion | Elmore SPCA

Here is Luther, an adoptable dog from Elmore SPCA. Luther is an American Staffordshire Terrier who arrived at the shelter a year ago.

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Autumn is knocking on the forest floor | Notes from the North Woods

After enjoying a pleasant and slightly wet, Labor Day weekend, I’ve already been making plans for the impending Fall season.

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Doubt, denial, silence and surrender | Scene In Plattsburgh

Style and Substance

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Clean bill of health | Elmore SPCA

Annie and Vixey

Cabela’s, Bass Tracker, LL Bean: Sporting scenes in the Adirondacks | Notes from the North Woods

I recently received a phone call from an old friend who wanted to know if I could help him arrange to get a wild turkey for use as a prop in a photo shoot that was to be produced in the area.

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An adoptable kitten | Elmore SPCA

Dandelion and Toes

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Style & Substance: On “children today”

I am 26 years old, live locally and have just started my career.

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A community cat | Elmore SPCA

Here is Buddy, an adoptable dog from Elmore SPCA...buddy is a black and white Jack Russell Terrier mix who arrived July 27.

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Sixth sense | Scene in Plattsburgh

An unseasonably rainy, dark evening brought the mood of our sixth chakra, indigo, into full realization at the Summer Series last Wednesday.