Throat Chakra, Visuddha | Scene in Plattsburgh - Style and Substance

“Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.”

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A great dog and a sweet cat | Elmore SPCA

Jill and Furby

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Back on track | Notes from the North Woods

After a few months of skipping out on providing my regular weekly columns, I am finally back on track.

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Style & Substance: Advice on throwing a dinner party

My husband and I are in our mid thirties and feel like we don’t even know how to throw a dinner party.

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Janet Duprey (R) | Candidate Column

As the first woman and youngest person elected to the Clinton County Legislature, I served ten years, including two years as Chairperson.

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Style & Substance: on poor personal hygiene

I have a co-worker who has an issue with personal hygiene.

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Adorable animals | Elmore SPCA

Grady and Luther

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Life is all about personal power | Style & Substance

Life is all about personal power.

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Somewhere, just east of nowhere | Notes from the North Woods

It occurred while I was on the way home after spending an afternoon at the base of a mind-numbingly, beautiful waterfall that is located halfway up the side of a small mountain in my backyard.

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Meet your new family | Elmore SPCA

Diesel and Leslie

Style & Substance: Reflecting on life

I recently attended the funeral of a wonderful older friend, and in later thinking about it, I realized that my life is not amounting to much of a “eulogy.”

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Ready to meet their new family | Elmore SPCA

Sweet Pea and Marlee

Congressional generosity seems to go just so far | Kids Count

When the high rollers on Wall Street were about to go “belly up,” Congress acted to save the stockbrokers/banks who created the mess and got richer in the process.

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Foreign invaders taking over | Notes from the North Woods

If foreign armies had advanced as deeply into the Adirondack Park as the current invasion of invasive plants has progressed, local citizens would be up in arms.

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Nothing fishy here! | Conservation Conversations

The Boquet River Association hosted the first annual Fish Fest Saturday the 28th in Elizabethtown.