Freedom of Information Day | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Earlier this week the country celebrated Freedom of Information Day. This week is also celebrated as Sunshine Week.

Letter contained veiled agenda

I read with dismay James Bullard’s letter in the Feb. 28 issue of Valley News on the subject of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming address to Congress.

Robots | Little Bits Column

Put on your thinking cap. This is a quiz. Tell me what these items have in common: Furby; talking Cabbage Patch doll; Roomba, R2 D2; and animated Disney characters playing Christmas music.

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Learning my lesson | Notes from the North Woods

Recently, while watching our family dog toss his stuffed toy around the room, I wondered if he was simply playing, or actually refining his hereditary hunting skills.

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Armchair angling | Conservation Conversations

North Country winters are normally long and cold. That’s the way it is here. But last year, and now this frigid season, however, things are way out of control.

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Zeus and Dasher | Elmore SPCA

Come adopt us!

Demonizing and dehumanizing

The Town of Lake George has come under attack by the giant Tree Hugging Environmental Aestheticists, or THEA.

How do we keep our children safe online? | Editorial

There has been a lot in the news over the past couple weeks about the dangers of the internet, especially for younger individuals.

The American entrepenurial spirit | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

It seems each day we wake up to some strange news story that causes us to shake our heads in wonder and amazement. Some positive and others, well not so.

Demonizing, dehumanizing those who disagree

The Town of Lake George has come under attack by the giant Tree Hugging Environmental Aestheticists, or THEA.

Smart growth a threat to home rule

The Adirondack Council recently stated that they’ve joined Governor Cuomo and the APA to support Smart Growth initiatives.

End neglect of Furnace Point Lane

Normandie Beach Resort is located north of the village of Westport on Furnace Point Lane, just off of Lakeshore Road en route to Essex.

Horses | Little Bits

When I was little and ran up to my dad, begging for something we couldn’t afford, he would raise his huge hands and say, “Hold your horses. Let’s talk about it.” What is there about mankind and horses?

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Jack Jay, Robber Jay | Notes from the North Woods

Last weekend, I witnessed a fairly large bird repeatedly attack a group of smaller birds at my feeder.

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Ice/cold water training on Bulwagga Bay | Conservation Conversations

It may not seem like spring will ever get here, but in time, Lake Champlain will thaw and pose a potential danger. Ice fishermen, dog walkers, cross country skiers and cold water wanderers of all sorts, can become victims if they break through thawing or rotten ice.