Our life coaches, Style and Substance: On personal style

Dear style & substance readers:

We have decided to mix things up a bit this week – we are going to create a mash-up. A mash-up, in this case, is a combination of different questions we have received about slightly different topics that share a common theme: Personal Style. The answers to What is it?, How do I get it?, and Why do I need it? can all be discovered with a bit of life coaching and a small leap of faith (in yourself).

“Style helps distinguish you. It's a great potential opportunity that people tend to leave by the wayside."

First Lady Michelle Obama recently shared these thoughts with Kate Betts in an interview published in Harper’s Bazaar. You do not need to be the First Lady of the United States of America to distinguish yourself – personal style is about taking your life seriously and sharing with the world that what you do is important. You are doing great things, and if you aren’t, it is never too late to get moving. Great style is showing up ready to take care of business.

Personal style is about expressing your intelligence as well as your sense of fun. Style is not frivolous, it is an expression of all you are and all you want to become – your best self. Our culture has become very casual even in the workplace. We often see people in all professions looking wrinkled and ill kempt. Money does not equal style. Clothing that is clean and pressed and fits well does not need to cost a fortune. Style is being mindful and careful about appearance. Style breeds confidence; in yourself and how others view you.

Developing a signature look may take some time and effort. First, think about your favorite color palette. For most people this is instinctual and natural. Next, make the decision to dress your body in the here and now, not the body you plan on having when you lose 10 pounds. This leap of faith takes commitment and emotional stamina – you are taking care of you and that might take some adjusting. Once you have made that commitment, look around at the people you know as well as magazines and develop an idea guide – keep pictures of clothes, colors, shoes, etc. In Style offers many ideas to help get you started on your look, and it is on the shelf at Plattsburgh Public Library!

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